Bob’ guest host Doug McBurney discusses Middle East peace, tattoos, body piercing, child molesters, and terrorist attacks.

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* Peace, Peace!  Tune in to hear guest host Doug McBurney question the priorities of our governing officials as they are dispatched to pursue peace in the Middle East, while promoting the constant violence and shedding of innocent blood right here in our own neighborhoods.

* Tatted Up & Pierced:freaks are obviously multiplying as our society drifts further and further from the wisdom of the ages and the Living God. Find out what your host thinks about all those tattoos and piercings, and what government regulators intend to do about it!

* Neil Gorsuch Supports Child Molesters: As Neil and his fellow travelers on the Supreme Court ruled on Monday that child molesters, (and other registered sex offenders) shall retain their right to free speech, we remind them of the Bob Enyart Live method of sex offender registration… six feet under with a granite headstone, (or perhaps marble… we’re willing to negotiate on that). And there's this:

* Idiots vs Maniacs: Your host warns that if we the people do not get our priorities straight, and end the bloodshed of the innocent children murdered with poison pills and in abortion clinics in our own neighborhoods, our future will become one dominated by scenes like what we’ve all witnessed in London over the past few weeks: the fanatical, suicidal, immoral children of Mohammed will continue to attack the suicidal, godless, immoral children of the Liberal West, and then the retribution, and then the next attack, and the violence and bloodshed, will only increase.