Letter from A Schoolgirl

* Trump Goes Stays Gay:  Listen is guest host Doug McBurney reports on Donald Trump’s official sanctioning of the homo pride celebrations at the Pentagon.


* Youthful Indiscretion: Find out some of the qualifications the host demands a teacher should meet before they are allowed access to students, and why a 25-year-old young lady has no place teaching high school boys in our modern porn soaked society.


* Please Just Call Him Bradley: America’s pre-eminent homo traitor Bradley Manning gave his first in-depth interview IN DRAG to the smut peddlers at ABC/Disney’s Nightline, and your host has some choice words for the whole lot of them!


* All this and the promised “letter from a schoolgirl” who was obviously “pushed to examine” herself as to “what defines right from wrong.”

Donald Trump holds "LGBT for Trump" flag