The Front Line – Government High School

* The Eastern Front:  Listen as Bob & co-host Doug McBurney give an update on the Project Frontlines efforts at Denver’s East High School, bringing teachers, administrators and students the truth.

* Rebuking the BBC: Find out the answer to the question: Why is it that homosexuals are obsessed with defending Planned Parenthood?

* Reason # 1,112: to get or keep your kids out of the government schools – Parents in Palmdale CA felt compelled to beat up their daughter’s torturers at Knight High.

* Reason # 1,113: A Middle School teacher in Arvada Colorado killed herself while being investigated for an “inappropriate relationship” with (meaning raping and/or molesting) a middle school student.

* Reason # 1,114: RE-publican legislators in Texas feel compelled, just now… in 2017 to pass laws “cracking down” on government school teachers and administrators having inappropriate relationships, (meaning raping and/or molesting) students.