Doug McBurney & the Indefensibles

* Two Measures of Success:  Hear Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney discuss the relative success of getting 3 million views on Facebook (with a video of a Denny’s melee), vs 2,500 views of a prophet witnessing to the Gross National Product, (and their professor)!

* Hating on God: Find out the answer to the question: Why is it that homosexuals are obsessed with defending Planned Parenthood?

* Gender Specific: Tune in and find out how MTV acknowledged the fact that from the beginning of The Creation God made us male and female… when they awarded their allegedly “gender neutral” Best Actor honors to a couple of girls.

* A “Mostly Peaceful” Memorial: Come with your host to the catastrophe we all know as Chicago, where a memorial service for a man shot and killed Sunday morning was mostly peaceful… until 10 more were shot at that memorial Sunday afternoon.

* The Descent of Man: Hear from 10 prominent voices who praised Hugo Chavez’s “socialist revolution” before it entered it's predictable devolution into something resembling Hell on earth