No more bigoted Father-Daughter events

* Family Events Replace Father-Daughter Events: Family Events? How dare you! What about the kids who have no family? Huh? How thoughtless. How about kids who hate their foster homes? They don't have a family. "Family Events" are not inclusive. Only bigots push a familial society. You hurt the most vulnerable and you don't even care. [Now, back to reality.] So, homosexuality and sanity are mutually exclusive.

* Insanity and Socialism: Venezuela's "bread wars" have begun in Venezuela. Their socialist president Maduro has ordered an investigation into 700 bakeries and began arresting the first few bakers for baking pastries instead of loaves, in what he calls his country's "bread war". (This reminds BEL of the socialist Russian insanity regarding railway engineers as described by Solzhenitsyn in his Gulag Archipelago.) A week ago Maduro said that those, "who hide the bread from the people will face the weight of the law. They're going to pay, I swear. Those responsible for the bread war are going to pay..."

* Insanity and Smoking Pot: Regarding cannabis, pot smokers are four times more likely to get a heart attack, etc., concludes a Case Western Reserve study of 210,000 cannabis smokers compared to ten million non-users. And that ain't nuttin' compared to...