Bad Pope, Good Cancer Treatment

Bob Enyart ends today's program by taking a first shot at introducing BEL's Pope List. However, for the maintained list, see our easy-to-use web address,, presenting some of the terrible things said and deeds committed by Pope Francis. First on today's program, a listener from Hawaii described his (former) church's refusal to help a couple by warning them to stop fornicating. Second, Bob updates the KGOV reportage on the cancer treatment revolution, as at, with the amazing estimate of 10% of patients who could be helped, right now today, with existing targeted antibody treatments!

Vatican Wall keeps illegals out...
Vatican Wall keeps illegals and unwanteds out

* The BEL Pope List at Many of Bob Enyart's most popular radio programs and articles consist of the lists that we maintain online here at Pope Francis' answer last week when asked whether he ever doubts God's existence led to the latest in his own long list of sinful deeds and comments. This then prompted our own Pope List, as here at Over decades of broadcasting, we've noticed 1) Papal defenders claiming a "mistranslation" of the Pope's comments, and 2) as the Catholic Church adopted increasingly humanist, left-wing, and pro-homosexual ideology, that the most conservative Catholics would criticize the Vatican but defend the Pope. No longer. Many conservative Catholics are now recognizing Francis' own immorality, and very few would make the absurd claim that any of the items in our Pope List result from any mistranslation. For surely, one of the most horrific items in this list, the first, utterly condemns him:
- The first assignment that he gave to the teenage boys in his class in Argentina in 1964 was to read the writing of an openly homosexual author, and one of the boys in that class grew up to become one of Francis' many homosexual defenders. To BEL's knowledge, Francis has never repented from this very public sin.
- There is no such thing as Islamic terrorism he said, but global warming is real.
- Pope Francis, like us here at BEL, was asked whether he ever doubts God. Remember that the Apostle Paul wrote that, "Whatever is not of faith is sin." Yet when asked if he ever experiences doubt Pope Francis said that his doubts leave him with momentary feelings of "emptiness", and, to paraphrase him, with ongoing feelings of superiority as he judgmentally claimed that those who don't occasionally doubt God remain "infantile" in their faith. So, practicing unbelief is a way to grow in one's faith? Meanwhile, when a well known agnostic asked Enyart this same question, Bob's reply led to the important article, On Doubt: What Does a Christian Doubt?, at
- When asked about homosexual priests, Francis responded, "Who am I to judge?", to which Enyart replied, "Well, for starters, you're the pope", and, "Would you have answered the same if asked about a priest's sexual attraction to children?", and, "Jesus taught that the covetous desire in the heart is sin regardless of whether it is acted upon."
- Claims that "Poverty is the center of the Gospel" whereas of course sin and Christ's cross are.
- Eagerly affirms homosexual pair in Washington D.C. who stand against biblical marriage.
- Maintains the Vatican surrounded by steep walls and metal detectors at the entrance to St. Peter's Square while opposing proposals for a U.S. border wall.
- Relishes that the most well-known affirmation he gets from his home country is from the young teenager whom decades ago Francis introduced to homosexual literature. That young boy then grew up enslaved by the perversion of homosexual rebellion against Jesus teaching that, "from the beginning of the creation, God made them male and female" (Mark 10:6).
- Criticizes capitalism (i.e., freedom) while preferring socialism and higher taxes on the wealthy, which of course promotes class envy, a violation of one of the Ten, by which God commands, "Do not covet thy neighbor's goods." And of course by socialism itself voters and governing officials violate God's enduring command, "Do not steal".
- Whereas Jesus speaks of the reality of enduring poverty, which is largely because of bad government, bad religion (like throughout Central and South America), drunkenness, immorality, and laziness, the Pope promotes wealth redistribution and covetousness as when he says, “restore to the poor what belongs to them.” 
- A few months after his, "Who am I to judge," going even further in his comments on homosexual Catholics, Pope Francis bizarrely said, "It is not possible to interfere spiritually in the life of a person."

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* Post-show Update on NAZI Suspect Extradition: BEL urges the United States to extradite Minnesota's Michael Karkoc to Poland where he is wanted to stand trial for war crimes in his alleged role as a NAZI SS commander. And to put in text a related issue, here on Bob Enyart Live the point has often been made that those who risked their lives and did so much to resist the NAZIs and save Jews, Oskar Schindler for example, would later lament that they did so little. The Catholic Church, on the other hand, has claimed that the it did as much as it possibly could have done. The Lutheran Church, and other protestants in Germany, fair no better. As an example, one footnote in history, "For December 1941, for example, statistics held by the Central Office of the SS Reich Security Service show that 405 people were arrested for being communist or Marxist. This compares with just 12 people arrested from the Protestant church who opposed the Nazi Regime."