Of All the Important Things Trump Said Tonight, the Most Telling Was What He Said About Abortion

Show Update: In President Trump's address to a joint session of congress this evening, of all the important things he said, the most telling was what he said about abortion. (For additional insight, see prolifeprofiles.com/trump.) 

Telethon Update: $20,050 (as of midnight) of $30,000! It's not too late to help!

Bob Enyart gives a couple examples of the harm of not having a biblical worldview, from the Palestinian in Jerusalem who denied to Bob that a Jewish temple was ever built on the Temple Mount, to the paranoid American who says that our government attacked itself on 9/11, or that we never went to the Moon, and to those Christians who claim that Donald Trump is pro-life even though, according to the Exceptions Calculator at prolifeprofiles.com/trump, through his four years administration he will have supported killing 3.3 million children.