Again: "We Just Want To Be Left Alone." Yeah, Right.

Technical Problem Resolved: Today's audio is now available. 

Bob Enyart reminds the audience of the warning, given from the early years of BEL, that in the public square, Christianity and Homosexuality are mutually exclusive, and how our "conservative" and Christian leaders haven't figured that out, even still. Please help keep BEL on the air. (Sanity needs a home.) Thanks to everyone who has given to our annual February telethon, we've raised $12,465 of our vital $30,000 goal. So if you haven't, please help! Also, Bob points out that while George Bush gave the Hyde Amendment to National RTL, he gave $2 billion dollars to Planned Parenthood. Ha! Who's the fool there? PP, or NRTL? Which would you rather have, a framed Hyde Amendment hanging on your wall, or two billion dollars? Also, Bob discusses the perversion of Milo Yiannopoulos, that church is supposed to be for believers (not unbelievers), and which five of the Ten are the foundation of a criminal justice system.