In the ABCs of BEL, We're at the Cs

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Bob gives a five-months-later update on Venezuela after he called for a massive humanitarian military intervention, where due to food scarcity, 3/4s of the population has lost 19 pounds in the last year. For of our vital $30,000 goal! Remember, as a gift for a donation of $100 or more or for signing up for our monthly subscription (call 800-8Enyart or go to we'll send you a Thank You packet of Walt Brown's book In the Beginning and Bob's Big Bang video! And then, to the topic of today's the broadcast, Bob continues through an alphabetical listing of some of the important lessons that listeners get from BEL. This list is a subset of the brand new online BEL Topical Index, see, which connects more than 4,000 topics and subtopics to the broadcast programs that address them. Going through the list, so far, Bob is now in the Cs. :)

Programming Note: If you're wondering why, at the beginning of today's program, we only aired a single minute of an interview with a famous personality, please see our "2020 Update" explanation.