Doug McBurney Calls Out... Everybody!

* Family Ties: Hear Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney as he openly wonders why a grandmother in Boston has become a rallying point to political action after being ticketed for failure to clear her walk of snow. But with all the tweeting & reporting & offers to pay her fine… has anyone simply offered to shovel her snow?

* Innocence Lost: Milo Yiannopolous was dis-invited from speaking at CPAC after his advocacy for pedophilia was revealed. Doug invites Milo to speak to Bob Enyart Live in hopes of helping him deal with the fact of his childhood rape at the hands of a homosexual, and what it has done to separate him from his creator. And how he might find his way back to the innocence stolen from him.

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* Celebrity Caesars: Ted Nugent and Kid Rock may be vying for celebrity dominance of the Michigan RE-publicans, and your host condemns the whole lot as deserving of one another!

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