Multiplied Claims that Things Evolved Multiple Times Destroy Darwin's Tree

* Back from Assignment in China: Real Science Radio host Fred Williams is back from assignment in China and shares with Bob Enyart and the RSR audience his observation that affirms biblical history drawn from exhibits in the Shanghai Museum that cover thousands of years of Chinese history, namely, the enduring presence of dragons! Additionally, ancient Chinese pictographs speak eloquently of the earlier chapters of Genesis!

* Multiplied Things Evolved Multiplied Times: If something as sophisticated as vision allegedly evolved multiple (a dozen or more) times, then for cryin' out loud, why couldn't odd- or even-toed ungulates evolve multiple tiimes? In the evolutionary (false) scenario, such distinctions form the basis for the methodology used to create their Darwinian tree of life. So that tree itself, recently felled anyway, has been known to be even theoretically invalid for decades. Consider also bipedalism? In their false paradigm. Couldn't that evolve twice? How about verterate and non-vertebrate, for that matter, evolving multiple times? Etc., etc., etc. See more about this at

* Using the Appendix as a Lens to View Darwin's Tree: The guys then use the lowly appendix as a lens to view Darwin's Tree of Life and end up seeing something really funny.

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