Kerry: Rip off their arms

Of the topics covered in this program, Bob Enyart describes hijacking an animal rights protest in Denver, Colorado. Later, Kerry calls in and hangs up when Bob asks him how he would go about killing that unborn child whose father was a rapist. But when Kerry hangs up, don't go away. Somehow, he ends up back on the air!

Updates: There's now an amazing BEL YouTube video of Kerry's call. And also, that hijacked protest is similar to our hijacking of a pro-abortion anti-62 anti-personhood rally in Colorado Springs. Ten minutes into their one-hour program, the emcee asked people in the audience to come up on the stage to sign their petition, Bob Enyart and Amanda Lozano instantly responded, leading other pro-lifers onto the stage, and after Bob Enyart wrote, "Don't kill kids" with a thick marker on their petition, and the emcee went to stop Amanda from writing anything, Bob stepped up to the lectern and began speaking against abortion. The pro-abortions lost control of the entire event and never did resume their program. (Please email if you have photographs or a link to a news report of that event. Thanks!)