Pastor Qualifications

Determine your pastor’s qualifications by answering these simple questions:

1.   Does your pastor warn people to take their kids out of public school?   Y   N

2.   Does your pastor teach people to judge?   Y   N

3.   Does your pastor view the theory of evolution as wrong and dangerous?   Y   N

4.   Does your pastor teach to withhold forgiveness from those who do not repent?   Y   N

5.   Does your pastor teach that homosexuals are evil?   Y   N

6.   Would your pastor disfellowship unrepentant sexually immoral churchgoers?   Y   N

7.   Does your pastor condemn abortion?   Y   N

8.   Does your pastor strongly criticized liberal politicians, regardless of party?   Y   N

9.   Does your pastor teach that some sins are worse than other sins?   Y   N

10. Does your pastor’s wife seem joyful?  (If he’s single, is he joyful?)   Y   N

Score ten points for each yes answer.  If your pastor scored:

100 Congratulate your pastor for his wisdom and invite others to attend your church!
 90  He’s far better than most.  Do what you can to support him.
 80  He’s a pretty good pastor.  Ask God to help you strengthen him.
 70  He’s a good man, but not qualified to be a pastor.  Pray for help.
 60  He’s making a mess of his family and his church.  Beware.
 50  He’s a fool.  Find a different church.  Things look good but are really bad.
 40  He’s never prayed with anyone for salvation.  He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
 30  Jesus said “if they hate Me, they’ll hate you.” But everyone loves him, he’s bad.
 20  He’s in it for the money, or to avoid a real job.  Escape while you can.
 10  What in the world are you still doing there?  He’s not OK, and you’re nuts.
   0  He’s Hillary Clinton in disguise.  Run for your life.

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