Artificial Intelligence Doesn’t Understand (AI Part III)

*Artificial, and Other Intelligence: RSR hosts Fred Williams & Doug McBurney continue their review of Artificial Intelligence with RSR’s resident Security & Information Science expert, and founder of GODISNOWHERE, Daniel Hedrick.

* An Anemone by Any Other Name: Fred clowns around about fish and fossils alleged to be 300-million-years-old, (and alleged to have been Jellyfish).

*Carrying Walt Brown’s Water: Believe it or not, some of the most brilliant minds in modern science are still expending valuable time and energy making up stories about where all the water on earth came from. 

*AI Assumes: Artificial Intelligence can make assumptions more and more accurately these days, but is AI as smart as a 5th grader?

*AI Harms: All of the responsibilities required to create responsible artificial intelligence, (and anything else really) can be summed up in one simple phrase found in the Bible.

*AI Hallucinates: Find out the difference between reality and hallucinations via Jeopardy, organoids and the Bible. (And how the human brain might one day replace Artificial Intelligence… Oi!!!)!

*The Sum of All Fears: The people like Sam Altman atop the pile of heathens designing OpenAI and similar technologies are right to be afraid. And they should scare everybody. Because they don’t fear God