Artificial Intelligence Doesn’t Think (AI Part II)

*Training the Artificial Mind: RSR hosts Fred Williams & Doug McBurney continue the discussion of Artificial Intelligence with RSR’s resident Security & Information Science expert, and founder of GODISNOWHERE, Daniel Hedrick.

*Who Can You Trust? Not AI!! Garbage in, Garbage out and all that, and the leftists building the AI are not trustworthy. But Daniel reveals some tricks to trip up the “woke” bias, and even get DAN to tell the truth about boys being boys!

*Real Myopia: Hear how the AI Chatbots can be manipulated, and “trained”, but how the technology is being built to promote biases, and resist being trained to speak the truth. 

*AI and the Gospel: Discover the encouraging evidence that no matter how leftist the AI designers are, they cannot compete with the power of the gospel and the person of Jesus Christ in the world, (and even just in the cloud).

*AI versus Free Speech: Find out what free speech is, why it matters, how it’s under attack on the AI front, and how the God fearing, common man can fight back!

*Query, Query Quite Contrary: Hear about where AI can be useful, (and almost even trustworthy). And hear how to use prompt engineering and instructions like “perplexity” and “burstiness” to get AI to give you more human-like, and perhaps more useful information and products.