Abortion “Medication” Kills Children

*Justice Undone: RSR hosts Fred Williams & Doug McBurney review the legal situation surrounding the abortion drugs being used (with FDA approval) to murder children in America.

 * Dirt Worshipers & Killers: We discuss how normal American’s worship Jesus Christ, and not the creation, and not in the manner created by Ira Einhorn who murdered his girlfriend and stuffed her body into a trunk!

 * Clinton Foundation of Murder: Hear how America’s first “co-presidency”, that of Bill and Hillary Clinton began, and ended with an obsession for child killing by all means necessary.

*Well Documented Killing Machine: Look for yourself at the documentation of America’s chemical child killing machine.

 *Jeremiah vs the FDA: Jeremiah 1:5 describes two discreet stages of a pregnancy, and Psalm 139 tells us God knows the children targeted with poison, before they even have arms and legs. (And the psalmist even described the DNA)!

 *A Cry for Help: Hear Doug’s dramatic interpretation of the terrifying, awful experience of a child being targeted by the chemicals used to kill children.