Today on the Dominic Enyart Show, the church has been quiet for long enough. It’s time the church stands up to protect our children, to protect our kids from corruption, and to stop playing defense. The gates of hell shall not prevail; the gates are a defensive measure. We’re supposed to be on the attack!

See the bag of Skittles that declares the truth during pride month. (Thanks Simon!)

Gray Skittles during pride month see email from Simon 060122
"Only one rainbow matters during pride."


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As our brilliant producer said, "I'm not sure how making candy gray helps spread sexual immorality, but this is the depths they will go through in their stupidity and sin." Well put!

Today's Resource: Morality: Why God Forbids Sexual Immorality

Morality: Why God Forbids sexual immoralityA Testimony with Bob Enyart: Why does God forbid sexual immorality? This is Bob's most heart-rending video. He tells the sad part of the story of his own life. Learn about the effects of pornography on men and on children and how porn can pervade a young life, in school, at camp, and sometimes even in little league.