Laminin & The Cross (or RSR & The Meaning of Life Part III)

* Woke by Warming: Having trouble getting to sleep lately? Forget the one million and six reasons we know may interfere with sleep… Perhaps it’s all that Climate Change going around

 *At the Cross:  Fred Williams and co-host Doug McBurney continue their discussion of laminin, (and whether or not it resembles the shape of the cross, and what we should or shouldn’t say about it anyway).

 *Information Miss? Pastor Keith Giles might not want to be called a pastor, but he certainly behaves like one. And he might not appreciate being criticized for mis-stating Louie Giglio’s take on laminin either. Hear the fallout and the dustup surrounding this minor controversy, and more.

 *A Little Bit About Laminin: Fred Williams discusses an article from the Journal Cell Adhesion & Migration to help us better understand the little he knows, (and it turns out to be the little anyone really knows) about the sophisticated properties, interactions and behavior of laminin!

 *And Little Bit More: Fred looks at research from over 5 years ago into the treatment of muscular dystrophy, and how laminin, combined with genetic therapies are helping unlock mysteries that may lead us to a cure!

 *No More Butterfly Boys? Hear how laminins played an important role in the treatment of a then seven-year-old boy named Patrick who was suffering from an often-fatal skin condition called Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa, and how doctors were able to replace most of his diseased skin! That work continues to produce promising treatments, and what some are already calling a cure, to the Glory of our Creator!