Called to be Faithful, not Called to Win | HB22-1079 Hearing!

Dominic Enyart with Jeff Durbin
(B. Glander, J. Durbin, D. Enyart)

Last Wednesday/Thursday in Colorado there was a public hearing for HB22-1079 which would have fully abolished abortion in Colorado. The Dominic Enyart Show, alongside Apologia Studios, Agape Kingdom Fellowship, Colorado Right to Life, and many other ant-abortion groups went to testify at the Denver Capitol in support of our unborn neighbors.

The committee members, in their hatred of God, tried to silence the abolition-advocates by outwaiting us and causing us to give up and go home. They had us arrive at 1:00pm. Eleven and a half hours later, we won out and began testifying at 12:30am.

Brandon Glander, Dominic Enyart, Michael Enyart, Will Duffy, testimonies
Tranny back-right corner. (Ew)

The bill was struck down in 7-4 by the 11 committee members, yet we still celebrate. We celebrate, A- because we’re not called by God to win, only to be faithful/obedient. And B- because we were expecting a 9-2 loss, but the Republicans who typically vote against abolition bills voted in support of it. Dominic explains why that was before playing 3 of the 60 anti-abortion testimonies given that day.

Programming Note: to hear Doug McBurney filling in for Dominic (when he was at the capitol) click here!

Life of the mother: The personhood campaign cares as much for the mom as for the baby, so why no “life” exception? The doctor’s goal should be to save mom and the baby, if possible, but never to kill the mother to save the baby, nor to kill the child to save the mother. With a tubal pregnancy for example we cannot save the child and we must remove the embryo to save the mother. Sadly then the baby dies. Society’s attempt to justify killing the unborn leads to absurdities like the exception in the partial birth abortion ban. In reality, when a delivery is needed to save mom, the doctor shouldn’t stop caring for the mother just long enough to kill the baby.  The PBA ban itself has no authority to save a single child because the abortionist simply uses a variation of PBA or some other late-term technique to kill the baby. However, the very idea of delaying the saving of a mom in order to stop midway to kill the baby is such an obvious cruelty and deception that it exposes the hard-heartedness of those who argue for such exceptions. An “exception” is a euphemism for deliberately killing a baby. That’s why personhood is changing what it means to be pro-life.

Tragic Death Vs. Intentional MurderWhen trying to save both patients the baby often dies. However, you should always try to save both mother and child. The pictures here depict two different situations. On the left, you have a poor child who passed away. His mother had cervical cancer and the baby had to be removed for her to receive treatment. As you can tell, the baby was handled with great care and the doctors tried desperately to save the life of the baby. On the right, you see another poor child who was brutally murdered by an abortionist who had no intention of saving the child’s life. When it comes to these situations, intent matters. And just from the pictures, you can see the intent on the left was to preserve life, whereas the intent on the right was to destroy life.

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Today's Resource: Focus on the Strategy Trilogy

Focus-Trilogy-01.jpgIn Focus on the Strategy #1, using audio and video clips of Christian leaders, Bob Enyart presents seven lines of evidence that our national ministries have endorsed legal positivism, elevating man's rules and the Constitution above God, and giving them precedence above eternal laws such as Thou shall not murder.

Focus on the Strategy #2 not only documents the political sell-out of the pro-life movement, it answers the question of how to restore the movement and end America's 'legalized' child killing. Focus II stands alone, preferably viewed before Focus #I, and documents that:

  • Colorado's Republican Governor John Love signed the nation's first permissive abortion law in 1967.
  • Republican U.S. Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun wrote Roe v. Wade.
  • The 7-to-2 Roe v. Wade ruling was approved with five a Republican majority of five votes.
  • The Republican Justices now on the Court (including Scalia, Thomas, Alito and Roberts) oppose personhood.
  • All six Republican judges on the 11th circuit (nominated by Reagan, Bush Sr. & George W. Bush) voted to kill Terri Schiavo.
  • Republican "pro-life" heroine Priscilla Owen voted to abort "Baby 10" as a Texas Supreme Court judge.
  • Republican "pro-life" hero Samuel Alito sided with Planned Parenthood in repeated 3rd-circuit rulings, including ruling to keep partial birth abortion legal.
  • Republican George W. Bush refused to support South Dakota's total ban on abortion.
  • Hundreds of pro-life laws that regulate abortion that will actually keep abortion legal after Roe is overturned such as the Informed Consent laws.

In Focus on the Strategy #3 Bob Enyart presents the 3-pronged strategy to end abortion in America.

Three-fold Strategy:

1. Criminalize: recriminalize the intentional killing of the unborn and other innocents through state and national personhood efforts.
2. Demoralize: create unbearable social tension and ensure that there is no child killing with tranquility in order to coerce the government to correct the injustice of shedding innocent blood.
3. Evangelize: persuade individuals by education and evangelism to honor the God-given right to life.