Artificial Intelligence 2024 & Beyond with Daniel Hedrick

*A.G.I., A.S.I. & Y.O.U. Hear Daniel's thoughts on the existence of  Artificial General Intelligence, Artificial Super Intelligence, and the odds an AI bot will be sitting at your desk one morning anytime soon.

*The Power Problem: The power necessary to run artificial intelligence computers is so enormous that it appears it may only be solved by integrating biological systems similar to the one's God made, (and He made them using real intelligence).

*Father Knows Best? Who is credited as the "father" of Artificial Intelligence? Of course it's Alan Turing. (And A.I. was all he fathered, being a self professed atheist, and convicted pervert). Turing is best known as a code breaker at Bletchley Park in England, who, along with at least 10,000 nearly forgotten others, and aided by the brave capture of code books and enigma machines from German U-Boats in combat, helped the Allies Defeat the AXIS in WWII. But, does either Alan, or A.I. actually know best?

*First Principles (& Teachers): The Bible warns those teaching AI how to "think," : " not many of you teachers, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation."

*Worm GPT & AI Warfare: From silly poetry to blowing up the world, AI has a little something for everyone...

"AI, the FBI, Elections, Deep Fakes Etc.: Hear all about the potential future of AI systems, democracy, and how we might bring back so much of the past!