Monday's Broadcast

Bob Enyart

Hearing out the guy who called Bob a heretic

Hear the thread from our YouTube channel that began when a Mr. Cory Albright called Bob a heretic. Bob also reminds listeners that pro-homosexual Curt, who we've sparred with, World Series MVP pitcher, has been "canceled" by his own insurance company, AIG. Wow. (Wish we'd thought of doin' that!) Also, Bob requested listener suggestions of tactics for trying to persuade someone in today's mostly non-existent marketplace of ideas. Traditional tools of persuasion such as evidence, logic, reason, and consistency, have become mostly useless. One idea is to begin such a discussion asking, "Are you the kind of person who is willing to be corrected if evidence and reason show that your position is wrong?" Also, breaking news: Libs don't care if China interfered with the election. :) And, more breaking news: James Dobson, as with 100% of conservatives in 2021, suggests our federal government is made up of only two branches. (Bob explains why conservatives do this, and why they misunderstand that democracy isn't a victim of the left but its ally.)

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