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Bob Enyart

Part Three on the Triality

News Update: It's now too late to pray for Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Instead, pray about the national eruption that replacing her will create.
And pray too that Donald Trump changes his nomination approach
and for the first time asks candidates whether they will uphold the
unborn child's right to life.
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See also for the president's list of the current 20 plus the 24 remaining possible nominees. And see which has been updated with this:

* Ginsburg Replacement Post-show Update: After the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, anti-abortion abolitionists noted that even with the confirmation of an anti-Roe replacement jurist: "Supreme court history informs us that Roe’s reversal would still be unlikely. In 1992, the US supreme court was made up of eight Republican nominees, including three from Reagan and two from Bush. The lone Democrat nominee on the court was Justice Byron White who dissented in Roe v. Wade. So there were eight Republicans and a pro-life Democrat. The Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992) decision should have been a slam-dunk overturning of Roe. Yet even the ’92 court upheld legal abortion. The majority was made up entirely of Republican nominees." See also and for a list of the president's named possible replacements, see

* RSR Quantum Pt. 3: Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams continue to broadcast and comment on RSR's quantum mechanics article. With this Part 3, see just below for the four prerequisites before listening! And as you listen to today's program you can follow along reading the article itself which is at And please consider supporting RSR by shopping, subscribing, or donating at Thanks so much!

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