Wednesday's Broadcast

Bob Enyart

Amber from the BEL YouTube Grandstands

Bob Enyart addresses Amber T's disagreement with our producer Darrell Birkey and our Rare Televised Predestination and Free Will Debate: Bob Enyart vs Calvinist Pastor. From the discussion below that video on our BEL YouTube channel, on today's program we broadcast this fascinating thread and left off with Bob's comment that, "Amber, untill without hesitation you can affirm that God the Son changed when He took on a human nature (for the Incarnation is the central doctrine of Christianity), you will not have a solid foundation on which to develop a deeper theological understanding." Program Note: Lord willing, next week we'll conclude today's discussion on an Amber Pt. 2 program. And at the beginning of today's show, Bob comments briefly on the the news headlines that he and Doug McBurney were unable to get to on Monday's program.

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