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The mainstream media should be running weekly headlines
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For some reason though, for now, if you want to keep up with the latest astounding
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* Targeted Antibodies Cancer Treatment Revolution: Consider this first. Among the stunning results for targeted antibodies cancer treatment, CBS News has reported on 35 terminally-ill advanced-stage leukemia sufferers. The disease went into remission in 94%, or 33 of 35 patients! Dr. Michael Grossbard, New York University's Perlmutter Cancer Center leukemia specialist told CBS News, "Oncologists are reluctant to use the word extraordinary. But these [results] are extraordinary. These are really remarkable findings..." Now this, right up the street from RSR's studio...

12-year-old Colorado girl's stunning before and after cancer treatment scans* ArcherDX in Boulder, Colorado: ArcherDX spearheaded the effort to save the life of 12-year old Zaida. Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart interviews Archer's CEO Jason Myers to discuss Zaida's case and to get a better understanding both of this revolution in cancer treatment and of how targeted immunotherapy work. Studies in the U.S. and the U.K. are seeing hundreds of patients with many types of cancer virtually "cured", as some oncologists are now putting it. Not every patient though responds well, but the widespread success is stunning! ArcherDX provides the technology so that a patient's doctor can find out quickly what specific mutations may be causing the cancer. Now, a growing number of oncologists will be offering their patients the greatest of hope through individualized treatment that, like an archer aiming at a target, just might hit the bullseye! Online at, this next-generation sequencing (NGS) firm develops what is called target enrichment chemistry.

* Handy List of Targeted Antibodies Trials, Success Stories, and RSR Broadcasts: The public awareness of the current revolution is cancer antibody treatment should explode from the 2015 to the end of 2017. As with all medicines, patients respond with great variability. However, the following results and ongoing trials though are greatly encouraging:
- 2017: World First: Now, with targeted antibody treatment, two babies suffering from Leukemia have been cured.
- 2017: 60-year-old has no trace left of his lung and lymph node cancer after targeted immunotherapy.
- 2016: The Daily Mail reports that University Hospital is starting to use the word "cure" and also the words "hugely effective" to describe the results of targeted antibody treatment for some cancers including "lung and skin cancer... kidney, bladder, and head and neck cancers [which include] some of the most aggressive types which are extremely difficult to treat and, together, claim hundreds of thousands of lives each year."
- 2016 CBS News reports "extraordinary results" for targeted therapy for 94% of patients with leukemia.
- 2016: Dad who lost two young children to a rare mutation disease explains to RSR how the immune system goes through permutations of possibilities seeking to target pathogens.
- 2016 Fox News reports that more than half of sufferers with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma ended up symptom-free with 80% responding positively!

50-year-old lung cancer sufferer in his hospice bed, recovered!
50-year-old lung cancer sufferer in hospice, recovered!

- 2016: Now it's lung cancer! A Daily Express report on late-stage lung cancer "cure" using antibody treatment (immunotherapy) virtually cured a bedridden hospice patient with advanced lung cancer that has metastasized to his lymph nodes. His oncologist gave this 50-year-old two weeks to live (though such estimates can be notoriously wrong). But two weeks after his antibody treatment with the drug called Nivolumab (aka Opdivo) he recovered and returned home, even though previously, his lung cancer already had spread to his vocal cords and lymph nodes. Check this out also in Britain's Daily Express ("Nivolumab has had 'remarkable' success fighting end-stage lung cancer in trials, experts say. It is also effective against other cancers.") and on the Bob Enyart Live.
- 2016: BEL Colorado's sole source of news updates on targeted antibody cancer treatment (weird, no?)
- 2016: In one British trial, "patients with advanced skin cancer who would have been declared terminally ill are now back at work and are predicted to live until old age. ... "
- 2016: The Daily Mail, Are we nearing a cure for cancer? Holy grail is 'closer than ever', oncologist claims quotes Dr Rebecca Kristeleit, of University College London Hospital, who reports that advances in a revolutionary treatment called immunotherapy [targeted antibodies] were now occurring at a rapid rate. Dr Kristeleit added: 'We are beginning to start thinking about using that word 'cure'... As an oncologist, it's not a word you would ever say. This is because we talk a lot about being 'in remission' - but 'cure' is the Holy Grail." In Kristeleit's "area of gynaecological cancers, scientists and doctors [are] seeing dramatic responses in the very first human trials... increasing patients' cancer survival rates... in melanoma and lung cancers they were licensed and working."
- 2016: RSR asks a molecular biologist about targeted antibodies
- 2016: Bob Enyart reports on the Amazing Ongoing Targeted Antibody Cancer Trials
- 2016: Beautiful 12-year old Boulder girl was near to entering hospice but targeted cancer treatment kept her at home and in apparent remission! Zaida's mom, Nichol Mattson, says: "Everybody with cancer needs to have some kind of targeted treatment!" RSR agrees.
- 2015: - Targeted antibody trial for 945 advanced stage melanoma patients, 6 in 10 stopped advance or even shrank tumors. Yale University's School of Medicine chief of medical oncology says that treatment using the body’s immune system to attack cancerous cells might replace chemotherapy as the standard cancer treatment within five years."

* Other Select Cancer Treatment Reports:
- 2016: Man cured of prostate cancer after testosterone treatment, shocking improvement for many others in study 
- 2016: After wiping out tumors in early tests a molecule in Australian berries is now in human trialsper QBiotics
- 2016: The powerful "N6" antibody targets 98% of HIV strains
- 2010: Related -- See RSR: Nat'l Cancer Inst. Researcher Admits Abortion/Breast Cancer Link
- 2017 for Vets: Maddie's surgery is planned for March 1st and then treatment with Vetivax customized immunotherapy
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