Will Duffy In Studio on Matt Slick and the Debate

Bob Enyart and Will Duffy air brand new audio from CARM's Matt Slick as they discuss this weekend's two debates between Will and Matt on Open Theism and Calvinism. [Update: Here's their first debate, on Open Theism...]

* Shocking James White Debate Aftermath: As mentioned on today's program, here's the shocking two-minute video of the James White vs. Bob Enyart open theism debate aftermath:

Matt Slick meme: I don't know what that means...

Will Duffy handles James White's open theism challenge* Organizer of the Enyart/White Debate Answers James' Challenge: In discussion and even in debate with Calvinists and others, they give examples of God's knowledge of the present and confuse themselves into thinking that these are examples of knowledge of the future. See Will Duffy's reply to James White's "end" of open theism challenge.

* Will Matt Slick Repudiate John Calvin on God Being the Author of Sin? Like countless other Calvinists, Matt Slick is constantly hearing that Calvinism seems to teach that God decreed everything, including every action, every thought, every desire, and therefore, every sin. If true, then Calvinist theology horrifically would make our Holy God the author of sin. So in trying to defend God's goodness (a theodicy) in light of Calvinist claims that the entire future is settled by means of God's decrees, Matt occasionally proffers ideas to disconnect actual sin from God's own decree. However, John Calvin himself insisted on the opposite, that God did not merely permit sin ("No mere permission") nor that He only allows it (He is the "Author" of sin), but explicitly, that God commanded the commission of every sin. See the recent Bob and Will Duffy program, Calvinism vs. the real John Calvin and the film Calvinist: Calvin's Institutes Claim God is the Author of Sin. So as challenged on today's program: Will Matt Slick repudiate John Calvin's insistence that God is the Author of sin?

* Theodicy: In addition to the above, consider BEL's
When God Kills Kids and
- PineCreek Doug and Theodicy

* A Google Search answers, "Not according to the Bible." If you Google: Is God outside of time?, Google answers, Not according to the Bible! Ha! Check it out and see kgov.com/time, Google's #1 ranked website for that search out of tens of millions!

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