Hi, Bob Enyart here. Welcome to our Volunteer page. We need your help, via the Internet, over the phone, or in person in Denver or in your own state! We are looking for people who can do one or more of the following jobs:

* Proofreading: BEL show pages, articles, etc.
* Website maintenance: fixing broken links, etc.
* Research: on the Internet or at a library
* Video editor: including creating YouTube videos from favorite BEL radio shows
* Graphic art design: for DVD or CD labels, web banners, etc.
* Data entry: from your PC over the Internet (Team131, 1 hour a week, join a hundred others creating a pro-life database from the hundreds of thousands of signatures from the Colorado, California, Mississippi, etc. personhood petition drives)
* Select excerpts from our Bible Studies and Sermons to put online for free
* Select excerpts from the BEL Televised Classics to put on our Bob Enyart YouTube channel
* Answer questions for BEL staff about how to use MS Word, Access, Excel, or Sony Sound Forge
* If you live in the Denver area, we have some projects that need “in person” help, for either an occasional or weekly volunteer; and if you live out-of-state, we'd like to work with you to develop such projects in your town!
* Join American RTL's Under the Radar Team!
* Web design and maintenance for a growing family of influential websites!
* We also need a volunteer coordinator, but this person cannot be new to us, but must come from among those already well-known!

Please prayerfully consider these needs and if you can help, please email Bob@KGOV.com.

Thanks and may God bless you!

-Bob Enyart