Deciphering Unintelligible Gibberish

* A Drunken Sailor?
  Bob’s and co-host Doug McBurney reveal another BEL prediction confirmed, as (teetotaling) RE-publican Donald Trump outspent Obama!

 * Danger: Bob analyzes a Washington Post column that seems to have been written in a THC induced fog. The author advocates for killing children while bewailing a non-existent history of Western Medicine viewing the the womb as a dangerous place. (OK, we told you it was unintelligible gibberish. See if you can figure it out!)

 * The War on Dad produced more collateral damage at the STEM School shooting in Colorado last week. Tune in for answers you won’t get anywhere else.

 * The First Abortion: Doug asks whether the first abortion was conceived by a man or woman, leading to a discussion of Plato’s abortion advocacy (Ctrl-f for: republic) and his pagan influence on Christian “Classical” education. (And then a robust discussion ensues on starting a sentence with and or but.)

* Update Archdiocese Homosexual Priest Molestation Scandal: Due to the STEM school shooting, the Colorado media has pushed back by a few days the priest molestation story. Reporting the news before it happens as we often do (see we expect that on Monday, May 20, 2019 the media will break wide open the Denver Archdiocese homosexual priest molestation scandal that BEL has been working to expose for 17 years now. Last week Bob Enyart got an update and a recap on the horror from one of the victim's cousins, Donna Ballentine.