See: Tomorrow's encore screening of the Genesis film!

* Is Genesis History?, the Film: Bob Enyart (and RSR co-host Fred Williams) highly recommend that you go to see Is Genesis History? As a successful Fathom Event, it's encore presentation tomorrow night, 7 p.m., Tuesday, March 7th, will show in a theater near you!

* Homosexualist Neil Gorsuch: Bob also, with sadness, reports that Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch is radically pro-homosexual, which tells us that he is an enemy of the Gospel, of creation, of marriage and the family, and of the unborn child. See this described also at

* Right and Left, Good vs Evil: Also, Bob talks about the difference between red and blue, right and left, good and evil, as described in the Bible 3,000 years ago, in the French language (left is sinister), Chinese pictographs (right is correct), etc.

Hell or Heaven traffic sign in Denver, right vs left

* Thank You: The BEL telethon took in $22,110 so thank you so very much to everyone who has given. We love you guys!

* Bob Enyart Meets Back Up with the Inimitable Matt Noah: These two friends from the 1990s, co-laborers in the fight to protect unborn children, meet up again on today's program and reminisce some of their efforts from twenty years ago. Remember Matt? You can find him on Facebook here.