The Marmoset is NOT a Jerk

Broadcasting note: We're taking a few days off, but we'll be back on Wednesday. See you soon!

Ryan Williams joins Fred in studio to go over the latest Creation Magazine (vol 45, no 2).  On the cover is the Marmoset, a monkey that is known for its quick, jerky movements.  The Marmoset is found in both Africa and South America, so the question is, how did it migrate there? Listen in to find out how evolutionists are now appealing to a concept that creationists knew all along!

Ryan and Fred also talk about the future “evolution” of humans, as imagined by a 3D Model called ‘Mindy’ with a clawed hand, a hunchback, a second eyelid, and more all due to the overuse of smartphones! While Ryan and Fred don’t doubt certain negative impacts of too much smartphone use, they were quick to point out the flaws in yet another example of unscientific musings coming from the secular world. 

creepy ai future human picture of what people will look like in 200 years because of phones

RSR also took delight in an email from one of our listeners regarding a recent science news article, “Where did Earth's water come from? Not melted meteorites, according to scientists”. Our astute listener did the math and showed that "... it would require a bombardment of the world’s largest carbonaceous chondrites, falling at the heaviest rate ever recorded, 252 THOUSAND TIMES the conjectured evolutionary age of the solar system to bring the present weight of ocean water to earth... And by the way, I'M not the one that said 'The present is the key to the past.' "

As our listener noted, it's another failed evolutionary fantasy and in the end, "there's nothing to see here!" We love our listeners!