Infinite wealth in heaven yes, but how about here? It's like this...

george-craig-family.pngBob Enyart interviews George Craig on the extraordinary richness of the Christian homeschool family. Two weeks ago while creating the spreadsheet we were thinking about Doc Johnston's family (The Reliant), George's family, and Bob's own family. That spreadsheet, also embedded below, compares a billionaire family's net worth with that of a typical homeschool family. The Craigs have the blessing of eleven children (nine biological and two adopted). On today's program we get a glimpse into the parents' wealth of wisdom on raising kids. The insights are of eternal value to you if you a) have kids; b) have grandkids; c) expect to have kids; d) can influence people with kids; d) hope to marry. :) And check out the family's!

Who's Worth More?  Billionaires or Homeschoolers?

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