Alcohol Science & the Bible Pt I

*99 Nebudchudnezzar's on the Wall: Discover the wine bottle named after the Babylonian king made famous by God in the Bible!
Chronic Drinking (in Moderation):  We'll tap Adrew Huberman's August 2022 video titled “What Alcohol Does to Your Body, Brain & Health” for the latest scientific data on moderate, and chronic boozing. He’s a Professor of neurobiology and ophthalmology (and a possible theist of sorts) at Stanford School of Medicine and has a popular science podcast on YouTube. He refers to a study published in Nature.

*Suggested Mixers: You'll hear other scientific opinions, like these from Harvard, and the NIH (for whatever those are worth anymore) that are somewhat less dire than the study Huberman cites.
*One for the Road: Listen in to learn facts you may not have known regarding how alcohol consumption affects the balance of hormones, the gut and other mood & health regulating mechanisms in your body.