All the Lonely People and Where they All Come From

Bob Enyart reports briefly on two studies, falling marriage rates in the U.S. and loneliness in England. Look at all the lonely people. We know where they all came from. At least, if you have a Christian worldview you know. For preaching the Gospel is a matter of national defense and of domestic tranquility. And marriage rates are falling, not only because of delayed male adolesence (from online ubiquitious entertainment of video games, porn, etc.) but because homosexual "marriage" has unavoidably deflated the esteem which the culture once had for biblical marriage. Then Bob thanks the telethon donors for the $5,800 toward our vital goal of $40,000. Please help if you possibly can by calling 800-8Enyart (836-9278) or by clicking on our store at! Bob also laments the let downs from Robert Jeffress, Tim Tebow, and Drew Brees. And he describes the BBC/Google/Reuters/etc. plan to fight fake news as the fox guarding the henhouse. And he plugs tomorrow's report on the undermining of the #MeToo movement by one woman who accused, and another who "helped", Harvey Weinstein, the latter being Lisa Bloom whom we briefly interacted with when the Fox News Channel apologized for the severe sexual harrasment suffered by Bob Enyart on their air.