Again, what were those six main reasons for racism?

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* Today's BEL Program is an Important Rerun, Still Needed, from 2017: In the aftermath of Charlottesville, Bob Enyart presented the six main reasons why so many people express their sinfulness in the form of racism. The first reason presented accounts for the vast majority of racial hatred. Then the second through fifth reasons, also prioritized, account for racism in decreasing degrees, with the last, the sixth, being a cause for racism, as explained at, only from Christians against the Jews.

* Mohammad Owned Slaves, etc: While America engages in the reasonable task of condemning those in this age, the period that began with the New Testament, who owned slaves, let's remember to condemn also American Indian slave owners and various Muslim leaders, including Mohammad, who owned slaves and who was specifically a black slave trader.

* The Most Systematic Examples of U.S. Racism: The second most widespread and open form of racism in the U.S. is black hatred of whites (and other groups) which goes almost completely unopposed within the black community. The single most widespread form of racism here though is that practiced openly by the mainstream media, most politicians, and the entire left, who treat blacks as subhuman by systematically pretending that they are incapable of being racist.

* Quoting Johnnie from Compton: From that self-same extraordinary Johnnie, "Bob, it's just like you've said about the death penalty. If it were only to be in effect for one family in the nation, selfishly, I'd want it to be in effect for my family. Because I don't want my kids to grow up to become murderers. Likewise, if the culture was only willing to ever accuse just one group of being racist, I'd want that accusation to be hanging over my family's head, because I don't want my kids to grow up to hate people of other races." Thanks Johnnie (another member of the brightest audience in the country)!

* Why Many See Trump Repeatedly Condemning Racists as Insufficient: To put this in terms that a U.S. conservative can understand, think about your own distrust of certain Muslim leaders who, when called upon, dutifully condemn terrorism. What such Imams need to do is to make themselves the enemy of Islamic extremists, even to the point of making themselves and their own mosques vulnerable to attack by Muslim terrorists. At that point, many more people will accept that such Muslim leaders are not just providing verbal political cover, but that they really do oppose Islamic terror. (See Likewise with Donald Trump, as we've called for in our post-Charlottesville programs, beyond mere words, he must make white supremacists hate him the way they hate others. When neo-Nazis themselves see Trump as an enemy, then more of his opponents will drop that particular criticism. (Here at BEL, we've produced the Donald Trump Pro-life Profile, so of course we oppose him for substantive moral reasons including that he has fully funded the U.S. abortion industry, so far until October 1st, by completely matching Barack Obama's abortion funding priority. Yet for millions of others who care nothing about the dismembering of unborn children nor about those killed with chemical weapons, because of their Trump Derangement Syndrome, even if the president aggressively makes himself an active enemy of racists, they will still accuse him of supporting them. Similarly, as substantive Trump action has angered Russia (in contrast to Clinton's and Obama's appeasement), that too will do nothing to cause TDS sufferers from reconsidering that particular accusation.