Amber: A Necessary Being; The Flu: Necessary Too

Two Necessary Creatures

A comment about the Amber shows from a Canadian listener leads Bob to dub Amber a Necessary Being. In reality, God is the only necessary being. But ask yourself if, like Amber, has your own theology has turned you into a necessary being, that is, if your theology were true. For example, if you believe in the settled future, and that God has static knowledge, that is, eternally unchanging exhaustive omniscience of everything that will ever be, including you, and that this eternal foreknowledge is an essential attribute of deity, then that means that you too are a necessary being (even though you're not). That is, if God could not be God apart from his knowledge of the human being that is you, then indeed, God could not be God, nor could anything else exist, if it weren't for you. So, either you are a necessary being (which you're not), or your commitment to the pagan Greek humanist doctrine that the future is settled is misplaced (which it is). So we've gone back and retitled the program.

* The Flu Too: In the second half of the show, Bob celebrates the flu virus, sort of. If you get a chance to listen to that, you will to! And if not, just spend 30 seconds reading

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