Mayor and Governor Go Missing

* Lessons of South Bend:  Bob and co-host Doug McBurney discuss the mass shooting in Mayor-less South Bend Indiana, and the implications for justice, not only in the kill zone between downtown Chicago and Notre Dame, but for the whole country.

* Gorsuch Leads Liberals: Bob Bemoans the fallen state of the Supreme Court as led by liberal Neil Gorsuch.

* Hannity Takes Away Our Rights: Hear from Sean Hannity himself (from the KGOV YouTube Channel), the your rights come from the constitution and not from God.

* Taking a Stab at Twitter: O.J. Simpson is not only out of prison, but he’s sending knife emojis to folks who rightly hate the despicable murderer. Bob and Doug hope O.J. is back in jail before he “gets even” with them for burning the memorabilia O.J. had hanging on the walls of his Brentwood mansion the night he murdered Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.