The Friend of My Enemy

* The Lead-up:  Bob and co-host Doug McBurney were reviewing news for the show, and after a couple homo stories and a couple tranny stories Bob said, “OK it’s finally time to start… quick, before we throw up.” …A reminder that May is officially “Homo’s make me sick month”.


* Artificial News: Listen in as Bob reports on a “Wired” magazine article that blatantly lies about artificial intelligence, and the ability of a Robot to learn to write, the gullibility of anyone who believes it, and the poor ethics of those who link to it without comment.


* Artificial Morality: Find out why Focus on the Family president Jim Daly has become an enemy of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding as further indicated in his recent statement that his moral judgments, (even concerning issues of life and death and murder) are derived from his opinion, and that of “the vast majority of Americans.”


* Drudge and the Dregs: Your hosts once again wonder aloud why (an apparently closeted, and possibly criminally deviant) Matt Drudge is obsessed with linking to homosexual outlets and pretty much anything perverted.