UK Mom Facing Jail Over Trannie Pronoun

Twenty eight years ago, Bob Enyart Live warned Christian leaders of where their compromise on homosexuality would bring the culture. We're now there, and headed further in. The UK's Surrey police are investigating a 44-year old mom for using "he" instead of "she" (or "it"?) when referring to a man who is pretending to be a woman. Perhaps the cops are smoking pot? That would explain a lot, as the British medical journal Lancet warns that frequent smokers are nearly five times more likely to go nuts. And speaking of nuts, realtors thought they could sell Jackson's Neverland Ranch by dropping the price 30%, from $100 to $70 million, but now it looks like they might just demolish the filthy, molestation-faciliating dump. And meanwhile, as explained at (where we list the pedophiles who are openly celebrated by liberals) Corey Feldman just wasn't Michael Jackson's type. He never quite figured out what that meant until he watched Leaving Neverland, and now thankfully says that he can no longer support the molester. Finally, because all scientists work for Walt Brown, NASA made another WWB discovery. The asteroid Bennu isn't only geologically dead and covered with dust and pebbles as their old-earth worldview predicted, but, as only the Hydroplate Theory can explain, it's both active (outgassing debris) and covered with hundreds of large boulders, so much so that NASA is rethinking how it could land its OSIRIS-REx probe on the surface.