Dear Norris (that's his first name)

Bob Enyart addresses Hugh Hewitt's "worldview". Additionally, after Norris from Australia sent a condescending email to American Right To Life, insisting that if we don't oppose gun ownership and the death penalty, then we're hypocrites, Bob Enyart had the honor of replying:

Dear Norris, thanks for writing. You may have ARTL confused with some other group. We're all for killing people. For example, please see We're also for killing people in a just war (that is, killing the bad guys, like the Germans last century and ISIS this century). And we support killing people in self defense when apparently necessary, and killing them in the defense of others from imminent loss of life and limb. And also Norris, when we look at the criminal loss of life, we don't ignore, like liberals do,  the tens of millions of people killed by democide in the 1900s, that is, killed by their own governments. That mass slaughter occurred among the largely unarmed populations of China and Europe and really, through much of Asia. That kind of genocide is unlikely in armed America.  But here we're suffering from the kind of genocide that you and yours support, the killing of the innocent child in his mother's womb. (Maybe if they first delivered the baby, and then used a gun, more of you would realize that you are all murderers.)