Who's Faster? Greg Abbott or an Amoeba?

Schumer & Pelosi get equal time with Lurch & FesterBob Enyart compares the speed of the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, to the speed of an amoeba, and finds out that the Governor is much slower. This might not bode well for the current effort to work with him to abolish abortion in Texas, but we do hope and pray that he gets it in gear and aggressively fights to stop the dismemberment of unborn children on his watch. Bob also compares the speed of our fastest supercomputers, bumble bees, and amoebas, and finds out that the computers come in dead last. Huh! We'll have to investigate this on Real Science Radio!

* In Random Political News: Schumer & Pelosi get equal time with Lurch & Fester.

* Bob Enyart's Birthday is Tommorow: Bob was born on January 10, 1959 in Paterson New Jersey to his parents Robert and Connie Enyart. His mom has worked since the early 2000s in the BEL studio and his father went to be with the Lord in the 1980s. In the meantime Connie met messianic Jewish believer Al Sharin and they married and Al also worked in the studio for about 15 years before he went to be with the Lord! Wow, Mom, long live Mom! :)