RSR's List of Evidence for the Exodus Pt. 8

* Conclusion of RSR's Exodus List Shows: Bob Enyart and Fred Williams conclude their series on the evidence for Israel's Exodus. Much of the evidence in this list was presented by Timothy Mahoney in his fabulous film Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus which the guys highly recommend (and sell at Bob and Fred end their series highlighting the work of Brad Sparks who organized a recent scholarly Exodus Conference at the University of California, San Diego.

* Brad C. Sparks Exodus Parallels: See Brad Sparks presentation at the scholarly 2013 Exodus Conference at the University of California San Diego documenting ancient Egyptian writings which parallel details of the Exodus, and that according to the scholars who translated the hieroglyphics and first published these significant historical records.

* Parts 1 – 8 and the Written List: The latest in our RSR Lists Shows, we've presented the Evidence for the Exodus over eight programs... 
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* Get Patterns from RSR's Store: RSR previously interviewed filmmaker Timothy Mahoney on his fabulous Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus which is available everywhere including at our KGOV Store and at