Peer-reviewed: Enyart's paper on Dobzhansky

One paper per CRSQ issues is available to the public, and the editor selected Bob's, so you can just click to get it!On the 40th anniversary of the most popular evolution article ever written, the Creation Research Society Quarterly published Bob Enyart's paper, Dobzhansky -- Forty Years Later Nothing Makes Sense (or in pdf).

Abstract: Forty years ago Theodosius Dobzhansky, a scientist credited with developing the reigning paradigm of neo-Darwinism, published his iconic article with the famed title, "Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution." The intervening decades have seen his three predictions falsified; namely those regarding genetics and the tree of life, the role evolution theory would play in the progress of biological science, and one particular Arab sheik whom Dobzhansky identified by name. Dobzhanky's claims are evaluated in the light of four decades of hindsight, much additional scientific research, and the continued development of the creation model. His arguments regarding the diversity of life, biological universals, and abiogenesis are answered in a point-by-point presentation.

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