Favorite RSR Images

Here are a few Real Science Radio graphics that we enjoy. (And here are some of our favorite videos!) ...

A brain doesn't "see" an image but a symbolic code of that image

Nautiloid fossil in the Grand Canyon's redwall limestone proves rapid deposition
Nautilods prove rapid limestone formation


Trochlea challenge to evolutionists











An image of Pluto with a "Walt Brown was here" sign on it's surface, indicating Walt's insights on its formation.


Missing strata from the geologic column in the grand canyon

Now atheists really DO believe in the flying spaghetti monster.Pluto appearance prediction from old-earth assumption vs. young-earth actual photos


Pakicetus imagined on the cover of Science, vs actual (yet retains the claim of transitional whale)!

Rodhocetus pelvis and hind limb actual vs imagined

First "Thinking Man" depiction from the time of the patriarchs in Canaan

Hawking & Dawkins quotes admitting that the universe and life all look designed
admit the most famous atheist physicist and biologist
Biomaterial fossil list screenshot 2/16/19
See tiny.cc/bflist


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Astronaut in space station with Walt Brown's In the Beginning floating in zero gravity


Most accurate definition of multiverse


The symbolic coding that lies behind digital (and, by valid analogy) biologial image production



RSR iconoclasts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams smashing atheist icons to bits


Most Pro-aborts: Life, Not Life

That argument against evolution is worth considering, said no theist ever. :)

* Courage in Crosswords: A Real Science Radio listener from Indiana sent in a screenshot of his New York Times crossword puzzle app...

"If the government were
actually reading my emails,
I'd have hope
for this country."
-Bob Enyart, rsr.org

atheism poster inspired by Ray Comfort's Evolution vs. God