Pastor Qualification Quiz

Bob Enyart Live presents this Pastor Qualification Quiz, not for a church member to use to confront his pastor with, but for pastors to take notice of, as an indication of what the elders at Denver Bible Church believe would be common in a biblically-based leader of a Christian fellowship: 

1. Does your pastor warn people to take their children out of public school?
2. Does your pastor teach people to judge?
3. Does your pastor teach that the theory of evolution is wrong and dangerous?
4. Does your pastor teach to withhold forgiveness from those who do not repent?
5. Does your pastor teach that homosexuality is evil?
6. Would your pastor disfellowship fornicating church members (living together, etc.)?
7. Does your pastor condemn abortion?
8. Has your pastor ever strongly criticized liberal politicians?
9. Does your pastor teach that some sins are worse than others?
10. Does your pastor's wife seem joyful? (single: Does he rejoice in Christ?)

Each of these questions should be answered in the affirmative. See this discussed, along with a grading scale, at