Panspermia & Directed Panspermia Claims

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Countless materialists including their scientists, such as Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins (see below), believe that life may have come from outer space. In his book Programming of Life Dr. Don Johnson, p. 109, says of materialist scientists that, "Many believe that life's original chemical [the first life] may have come from extraterrestrial sources." References:
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* Krauss Denies and Embraces: Leading atheist (and #MeToo challenged) Dr. Lawerence Krauss at acts as though he's never heard of the idea of directed panspermia, nor the idea of the complexity of life being explained in part by claiming that it originated in outer space. Moments later Krauss says panspermia is an "interesting" idea, and then later, a "fascinating" idea. Panspermia, though of the non-directed type, is an idea that he himself presented on CNN just weeks earlier. And some of the world's leading scientists, including the co-discoverer of DNA Francis Crick, and even Krauss friend Richard Dawkins, have suggested directed panspermia, that is, that aliens intentionally seeded life on earth. Atheists take note however: Aliens didn't create man, man created aliens.

* Dawkins Among the Many Atheists Supposing Life Came Here from Outer Space: Atheists don't even HAVE a theory of origins because increasingly, the things they would need to explain their origins hypotheses merely assume as pre-existing. Richard Dawkinis (see just below), Francis Crick of DNA discovery fame, Fred Hoyle of stellar nucleosynthesis fame, astrophysicst Carl Sagan of Pale Blue Dot fame, Stephen Hawking of black hole fame, NASA's Dr. Mary Voytek of water-is-the-problem fame, along with many exo- and astrobiologists, are among the thousands of materialists making the arguments that are referenced in one way or another on the half-million web pages (as of January 2020) that mention either panspermia or directed panspermia. Water, by the way, is considered the key to originate life only by ignoring what NASA's senior astrobiologist Voytek admitted to us that because water is the universal solvent, it is not the answer but the abiogenesis problem because it ruthelessly dissovles "prebiotic" molecules. The list of abiogenesis killers, that is, the resources that are vital to maintain life but that are destructive of prebiotic molecules, includes water, sunlight, ions, and oxygen. And anyway, as Wikipedia points out, "Panspermia studies concentrate not on how life began, but on methods that may distribute it in the Universe." Point taken.

* Dawkins' Thoughts About Aliens Are Revealing: This is hardly novel, because forensic scientists routinely distinguish between intent and natural causes. But in the excerpt transcribed just below it's fun to see Richard Dawkins, who eschews Intelligent Design, admit that molecular biology may very well be able to identify intentional design in living organisms. Dawkins claims about aliens implies much about alien physiology which seems to undermine the claim that Darwinism is theoretically falsifiable. Consider these two points. First, on Intelligent Design, in Ben Stein's movie Expelled, Dawkins admits that molecular biology could provide the evidence that life on earth was intelligently designed. And if so...

(1) Richard Dawkins' Aliens Validate the Intelligent Design Effort (see transcript) when he was asked about the origin of life on earth and said:

"It could come about in the following way. It could be that at some earlier time somewhere in the universe a civilization evolved, by probably some kind of Darwinian means, to a very, very high level of technology, and designed a form of life that they seeded onto perhaps this planet. Now that is a possibility, and an intriguing possibility. And I suppose that it's possible that you might find evidence for that if you look at the details of biochemistry and molecular biology. You might find a signature of some sort of designer… And that designer could well be a higher intelligence from elsewhere in the universe." -Dawkins


So Dawkins actually says about life on earth that it could be that it may have originated from a higher intelligence, from somewhere in outer space, with aliens who seeded life on earth. Yet that is what ruins scientists careers and even gets them fired: for saying that genetic evidence might indicate that life did not merely arise on earth but was put here by some intelligent agent. And Dawkins is the world's leading evolutionist, and we have him on film admitting the reasonableness of Intelligent Design. Huh! Dawkins' own complaint about his alien segment is stretched to the absurd by his fellow spin-control atheists who have taken his paraphrase of Stein's question to mean that Stein's actual question was edited out of the film. Oh brother. In reality, Dawkins was engaged in his discussion with Ben Stein. Attending a movie marathon, Bob Enyart watched that scene 15 times, and it is obvious that Richard Dawkins was not manipulated or misquoted. Rather, he showed surprising candor when he admitted that the complexity observed by molecular biologists could be evidence that life on earth originated from a higher intelligence. And like Francis Crick, when Dawkins says that life on earth might be too complex to arise here by chance, then he is just punting when he guesses that it could have originated somewhere else.

(2) Richard Dawkins' Alien Evolution Disproves Darwinist Falsifiability for, ostensibly, an alien life form anywhere in the universe (or in the fantasized multiverse) might have no similarity with terrestrial biology, perhaps not even being based on amino acids, sugars, nor even carbon atoms. Thus predictions (which are the stuff of hard science) as used by evolution scientists have no actual real-world specificity, so they cannot even theoretically falsify Darwin's central claim. For in practice, evolution "theory" is pliable enough to account for any observations even if imaginary, like alien physiology.  Thus it is treated like a philosophy and not an actual, falsifiable scientific theory.

Now atheists really DO believe in the flying spaghetti monster.

For example, Darwinist Barry D. Davis in Molecular genetics and the foundations of evolution fabricated a "prediction" of evolution after the fact, a "prediction" falsified and shown to be just an illusion by Dawkins' aliens:

...the finding of the same genetic code in microbes, plants and animals (except for minor variations in intracellular organelles) spectacularly confirms a strong evolutionary prediction. -B. D. Davis,  Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, 1985. (more...; See also Bob Enyart's peer-reviewed Dobzhansky: Forty Years Later Nothing Makes Sense.)

Darwinist origin-of-life researchers too falsified claims of such fulfilled "predictions" by typically denying that DNA even existed in the first reproducing organisms, as Dawkins himself admits on page 261 of Climbing Mount Improbable: "The original replicator probably was not DNA. We don’t know what it was..." (Like many atheists, RSR sparring partner atheist Aron Ra avoids discussions of the origin of both the universe and of life. After all, the field of abiogenesis is basically dead, losing its initial excitement after following its early hypotheses to their logical dead ends and now languishing with few new ideas, less excitement, virtually no funding, and a total lack of consensus.)

* Aliens Didn't Make Humans, Humans Made Aliens: Atheists claim that, "God didn't make man, man made God." However, belief in aliens is undeniably a man-made thing. Further, many atheists say that aliens made man. So, atheists are doing exactly what they falsely accuse Christians of.

* Biological Matter in Space: If Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory is correct, that the fountains of the great deep launched great quantities of ocean water, rock, and debris into space, then corroboration would include findings of biological material in meteorite showers, spectral analysis indicating biochemicals in space, and biological structures in meteorites. Such findings have occurred. However, just like the scientific community was in denial over dinosaur soft tissue, so too, both the creation and evolution communities seem to be in denial over repeated observations of biological material in space. See notes at