BEL Poster Frames, Etc.

Graphic showing that a brain does not "see" a flower, etc., but a chemical electrical symbolic encoding of the image

Ann Coulter's Guilty, and Hangs Up: (No need to watch the video. The poster frame tells it all. :)

Hillary wringkles dating technique


Meme: No wonder liberals are confused


Don't regulate murder, ISIS meme, as at

Hillary's book, What Happened, in Russian. Ha!
Hillary's book in Russian. да (yes), that's what happened.




















Bob Enyart's 3-to-1 DNA challenge to Richard Dawkins or any evolutionist


Attacks commited by terrorists named Jesus vs Mohammad

Atheists really do believe in the flying spaghetti monster!


"That is a good argument against evolution", said no atheist ever.


Don't trust him (in a burka). See

World's Largest Protest Sign: Unfurled by American RTL on the Rocky Mountains overlooking Denver to warn Coloradans as Barack Obama's 2008 Democratic National Convention was beginning. (Statute of Liberty is actual size compared to this 666-foot long and 530-foot tall sign.)

World's largest protest sign unfurled by American RTL on the Rocky Mountains: DNC Destroys Unborn Children


Atheist billboard, Don't believe in God? You are not alone. Modified by adding, - God

Illustration of the impossibility of evolution because it would need to develop a symbolic code for a vision system: a page of computer jibberish (code) representing Bob Enyart's avatar
Evolution would need symbolic coding.















Meme of Planned Parenthood: What we really do.


Planned Parenthood graphic: Beating slaves is only 3% of what we do.