Best of Bob

Worst Romney Fundraiser Ever

* American Right to Life Paid: a visit to Romney's fundraiser in Cherry Hills Village outside of Denver today to make sure that the conservative Republicans there knew that RomneyCare is worse than ObamaCare because it even pays for abortion. And knowing that Mitt Romney can comfortably co-exist with Planned Parenthood for the rest of his life, ARTL wanted to make him miserable regarding abortion in part by increasing the social tension and ensuring that there is no child killing with tranquility.

Ken and Jo Face to Face with FACE

 * A Federal Marshall Serves Ken Scott with a New Motion: Jo Scott joins Bob Enyart in studio to talk about the federal marshall who arrived at Planned Parenthood this morning to serve her husband Ken with a motion to restrain him from speaking to people from the public sidewalk at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.

U.S. Sues Ken & Jo Scott; She Gets 270 Days

 * Today Jo Scott was Sentenced and Served: Pro-life hero Jo Scott was sentenced today by Denver Judge Claudia Jordan to 270 days in jail (180 suspended unless Jo is falsely accused again), a large fine, and two years probation.

A Christian and a Muslim Talk about Jesus - I

* Bob Enyart talks to Sidney, a Muslim Man from Chicago, about Jesus Christ: Sidney and Bob have their most compelling talk so far in their dialogue about Christianity and Islam. The two talk about Jesus' constant focus on Himself, and the fact that if Christ did not rise from the dead, Christianity is false, but if Jesus did rise from the dead, then what does that say about Islam? You may not want to miss this program!

Should Christians Keep the Sabbath?

Bob Enyart's life's work: The Plot* BOB DEBATES KEEPING THE SABBATH: This important discussion with Jeff, a Christian brother from Yuma, Colorado on the Sabbath provides a brief yet detailed sur

For Sale: 72 Virgins, Like New

* Yesterday U.S. Navy Seals Killed Osama bin Laden: Today Bob Enyart talks about the principles of justice that show that killing him was morally justified. And we talk about conservatives who hopelessly try to determine whether various actions are right or wrong by looking to see what the U.S. Constitution might have to say about the matter. Also, we talk about the non-virgins who Osama may have met moments after his death, including Adolph Hitler, Yasser Arafat, and Mohammad himself.

ARTL's Under the Radar Team Surfaces

* Team Lead Nathan Rambeck on BEL: Nathan talks with Bob about American Right To Life's team that for years now meets Monday nights at 7 p.m. Eastern Time (4 p.m. Pacific Time) by conference call. The team's mission, as Nathan put it, is "to try to take over the world." :)  Bob has joined Nathan and the rest of the guys almost every week from the team's inception. This Under the Radar effort is always looking for more helpers. Here's what we need:
- researchers (in today's terms, that is, anyone who can Google :)
- web developers
- programmers