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Pro-abort Kathleen Draws Straws, Gets Bob

UPDATE from Pro-Abort Todd Stave on the Denver Project: Stave is asking pro-aborts to call a handful of Denver pro-lifers and he put an update on his website. Here's what Stave is saying, in red:

Pro-abort Fred Draws Straws, Gets Bob

* U.S. Liberals Calling Us About Abortion: Bob airs his recording of a call from "Fred" who phoned the BEL offices minutes before airtime. And Ken Scott joined Bob to talk about all the great opportunities generated from the pro-aborts calling them and a few of Bob's dear friends including Leslie Hanks, Jo Scott, Scott from Loveland, Cliff Powell, Terry Sullivan (one of the original Freedom Riders from the Civil Rights Movement) and Beau Ballentine.

Why Marijuana Should Be Illegal

* Neighbors and Gross Negligence: Doug McBurney and Bob Enyart present arguments for why marijuana should remain illegal. God does not require society to put up with the risk of neighbors who get intoxicated, which is why drunkenness and recreational drugs should be against the law. For when the normal use of any substance makes a person intoxicated, then the government correctly outlaws and classifies that drug as a controlled substance.

Alan Keyes' Personhood Speech at Colorado RTL

* Hear or Watch Ambassador Alan Keyes on Personhood at the CRTL Banquet: Alan Keyes brilliantly explains the necessary personhood strategy in the fight to protect the innocent child. With Tom Tancredo, Kevin Swanson and a couple hundred other pro-life activists in the audience, Dr.

Kevin Swanson's Pre-Banquet Visit with BEL

Kevin Swanson* Bob Interviews a True Christian Leader: Prior to appearing at Saturday night's Colorado Right To Life Banquet, Kevin Swanson talks with Bob Enyart about what's happening to America, a

A Christian and a Muslim Talk about Jesus - II

* Bob Enyart concludes his talks with Sidney, a Muslim from Chicago, about Jesus Christ: While millions of Muslims deny even that Jesus Christ was crucified, Sidney acknowledges the crucifixion. In the Koran at Surah 4 Mohammad taught that Jesus was not crucified, and that he was not even killed, but like Enoch and Elijah, was brought into heaven. It's a sly way of undermining the resurrection while appearing to claim something positive about Jesus. That Surah says:

A Church of Christ Preacher on BEL Pt. 2

* Chris Peltz and Bob Enyart Debating the Bible's Teaching about Wine: An evangelist from a Denver Church of Christ, Chris Peltz, hosts a talk show that airs one hour before Bob Enyart Live. Bob and Chris conclude their debate on their opposing beliefs regarding what the Bible teaches about drinking alcohol. Make sure to listen to Part 1 first.

World Tour with Guabe Garcia-Jones

* Guabe Takes Us Around the World with Personhood: Because Guabe is foreign born, Bob asks the director of Personhood Colorado to begin their discussion with a report on personhood efforts outside of the U.S., including what is happening in the Philippines, Poland, Hungary, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico.