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Jo Scott's Conviction

 * Justice by Committee Fails Jo Scott: says Bob Enyart. After being convicted today on two charges of talking to someone, Jo Scott talks to the BEL audience. The committee that convicted Jo found her guilty of verbal harassment "in a manner likely to provide a violent or disorderly response." The jury determined this when the complaining witness described Jo's demeanor as "worried and calm." Worried that is, concerned, for the complainant, and "calm" in her communication.

Just War Theory on BEL

Korean War Memorial* Former Marine Doug McBurney Helps Bob Cover Three Camps: Bob Enyart invited a former marine into the studio to discuss our military assault in Libya and specifically the principles that we should apply to determine whether or not any war is just, or unjust.

CRTL Kills Anti-Life Fetal Homicide Bill

Colorado Springs state Rep. Mark Waller* Rep. Waller Should Consider CRTL's Abortion-Neutral Bill: Colorado Springs Representative Mark Waller (R) proposed a 16-page "fetal crimes" bill replete with support for abortion politics that CRTL successfully worked to sack. Rep.

Sexually Corrupt Evangelist Mike Murdock - Pt. 2

* BEL World Exclusive Part II with Author Trey Smith:  Bob Enyart concludes his interview with Thieves author Trey Smith about the true crime story of the robbery of a safe from the secret bedroom closet of multimillionaire television evangelist, Mike Murdock.

Judge Roy Moore with Gregg Jackson

* "Pro-Family" Republicans Removed Judge Roy Moore: A hero of the Christian community, the Ten Commandment judge, former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, Judge Roy Moore, talks to Gregg Jackson about the biblical principles that many national Christian ministries have abandoned.

psst... heard about the next...

* psst... 'heard about the next exposé? is about to publish a new pro-life profile and is looking for your input on it's efforts. And also, if you'd like to help with online research, please offer your volunteer services to the good folks at!

When Ronald Reagan was Elected President: he put the personhood of the unborn child front and center in his pro-life efforts:

I Sold My Soul on BEL

* Atheist Author of I Sold My Soul on eBay: Hemant Mehta talks to Bob Enyart. Part I of II. And in case you're interested in further discussion with atheists, Bob has also talked to:
- ABC's Reginald Finley, called The Infidel Guy, from ABC's Wife Swap program; 3-26-07;

No Homicide Charge for Hit-and-Run Baby Killer

* Killed Denver Baby Boy Can't Get Justice Because of Abortion: Will joins Bob Enyart in studio to discuss the tragic fatal hit-and-run that killed the 34-week old son of Laura Gorham. Yes, personhood lost the election, but the truth always gets the last word. The fact that Colorado cannot charge a criminal for killing an unborn child is powerful evidence for those who were unsure about personhood that the law must recognize the God-given right to life of every person no matter how small. This precious baby boy is why we must press on.

Glenn Beck on Colorado's Personhood Amendment

* Glenn Beck Plays A62 Video; Voting Yes and No: While discussing the Pro-Life Tea Party Vote video, Glenn says that he supports Amendment 62, and then says he opposes it. Bob addresses Beck's confusion, the Bible, and the U.S. Constitution's phrases "bills of attainder" and "corruption of blood."