A Christian and a Muslim Talk about Jesus - I

Date: May 26, 2011 Length: 28:05
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* Bob Enyart talks to Sidney, a Muslim Man from Chicago, about Jesus Christ: Sidney and Bob have their most compelling talk so far in their dialogue about Christianity and Islam. The two talk about Jesus' constant focus on Himself, and the fact that if Christ did not rise from the dead, Christianity is false, but if Jesus did rise from the dead, then what does that say about Islam? You may not want to miss this program! After listening to this program, if you've missed our earlier talks with Sidney, you're invited to go back and hear our first discussion!

* Does God Want Us to Keep the Sabbath? Sidney mentions that observant Jews keep the Sabbath but only a small percentage of Christians remember the Sabbath to cease from their work on Saturday which is the seventh day of the week. To have a good understanding of the Bible requires having a working knowledge of this important matter. So you may want to listen to another discussion, Bob debates Keeping the Sabbath, a great conversation with a Christian from Yuma, Colorado on whether or not God wants people today to keep the Sabbath.Mt. Moriah: Evidence for the Resurrection

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Bob and Sidney's last two discussions, however, get to the crux of the matter, so you may especially want to listen to these:

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