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List of Evidence Against the Big Bang

After our debate with Lawrence Krauss, a leading big bang proponent, RSR produced our list of peer-reviewed scientific evidence against the big bang and against the widely-held major features of its cosmological belief system. Real Science Radio continues to update our popular List of Evidence Against the Big Bang! The quote from theoretical physicist (emphasis on the theoretical) Lawrence Krauss that got Bob Enyart and Fred Williams all worked up was that, "all evidence overwhelmingly supports the big bang." Wow. You can evaluate the trustworthiness of that assessment yourself with the amazing list of scientific evidence against the big bang, right here...

Miracle Dynamics

Sections of the Bible differ in how commonly they record miracles. But there is one thread that runs consistently throughout: Miracles foster unbelief. God's great miracles through Moses filled Egypt with undeniable evidence for the God of Israel (Ex. 9:27). Yet neither the Bible nor history records Egyptian repentance, only good riddance (Ps. 105:38; Ex. 12:35-36; 14:25). Further and more dramatic, consider the effect of those tremendous miracles on the Israelites themselves. The Lord produced water out of the Rock (Ex. 17:2-6), fed the people with food from heaven (Ex. 16:4-7) brought meat on demand (Num. 11:31-32; Ps. 105:40), and supernaturally kept clothes from wearing out for forty years (Deut. 8:4). Yet with all this, virtually the entire nation rejected God. Why?

National Sales Tax Debate: Pros and Cons

Bob Enyart debated fellow radio host Neal Boortz over a national sales tax. As a national spokesman for FairTax, a national 22% sales tax, this is a major issue for libertarian Boortz, but a topic hardly ever addressed by Bob, who is more focused on presenting God as Creator, and other such matters. Yet even though The Enyart-Boortz Sales Tax Debate moves Bob squarely onto libertarian turf, still the fight hardly seems fair. For if the biblical worldview is correct, Christians should be able to demonstrate the truth and expose error far more effectively than others. Boortz then broke his promise and so far has not posted a link to the debate as he had said he would.

Nicer Than God

Christians today are nicer than God. Or at least they are trying to be so. In the Church there is a standard of niceness that Jesus failed to reach while on earth. Comparing God's attitude and behavior with that of the Church today shows that believers are far more polite, tolerant, understanding and respectful to the wicked than God is. The Church is also less offensive, rude and sarcastic than God's men in the Bible were. And no Christian would ever be caught dead mocking the wicked, as God's men in the Bible sometimes did. The Bible sometimes ministers through ridicule, humor, sarcasm, name-calling, and even mocking. For example, God mocked and defeated the Midianites by giving them a nightmare in which they were attacked by a loaf of bread (Jud. 7:13-14). Elijah, just prior to executing 450 prophets of Baal, "mocked them" as the Bible says, telling them to yell louder to their god so that Baal could hear their prayers since he was either on a trip, sleeping or in the restroom (Hebrew, "private place," 1 Ki. 18:27; and 2 Ki. 6:8-20). And Jesus rebuked the multitudes for not responding in faith to John the Baptist's message as He ridiculed them...

O.J. Simpson Memorabilia Burned by Radio Host

This Bob Enyart Live protest of the murderer O.J. Simpson was also reported in Sports Illustrated, the New York Times, the Boston Globe [or pdf], Houston Chronicle, and hundreds of other papers via the AP, by CNN, MS-NBC, Comedy Central, Getty Images, CBS News, the San Francisco Chronicle's Peter Hartlaub, the L.A. Times' Mike Downey, in BBC flashbacks,, People magazine, etc. "We had a bit of a bonfire going there at the L.A. courthouse," said Christian talk radio host Bob Enyart in regards to the burning of several O.J. Simpson articles on Wednesday, February 17, 1999. The burning of the auctioned O.J. memorabilia was reported across the United States, by CBC News in Canada, and by the BBC. In a 48-hour period a band of ten individuals wearing black t-shirts turned the L.A. courthouse upside down and generated a media frenzy. The Associated Press article printed in most of the major newspapers across the United States, reported that it was "a protest organized by a Christian radio talk show host."

On Doubt: What Does a Christian Doubt?

In an online discussion over at Prometheus Unbound, Santi, an agnostic, asked Bob Enyart about his doubts. You can read their discussion over at From Bob's answer: "Santi, you’re asking me to indicate, of the beliefs that I hold, which ones do I sometimes doubt. To help myself think this through, I’ll first list the things I never ever doubt. I never doubt that I exist; and therefore I know that there is a reality. I never doubt that truth exists, because for example, it is true that I exist..."

On the Jews Who Reject Christ and TV Preachers OK with That

Various televangelists, including John Hagee, promote a false teaching, that Jews can reject Christ and still have salvation. This of course directly contradicts the claims of Jesus Himself, and of the apostles, and even of the Hebrew Scriptures. The quotes below do not come from typical English language translations of the Bible, but appropriately, from specifically Jewish translations into English, from the Jewish New Testament and from the Old Testament Tanakh.